Trauma Counseling

Trauma can be any painful memory or experience that has been unresolved in our brains and causes a disruption in our normal functioning. It can involve anything from a major disaster, to constant criticism from a parent or bullying at school.

When it occurs at an early age, it can interfere with the development of key self-care and relationship skills.

If you ask people, “Is there anything that has happened to you that you still find disturbing?” Most people will answer, “Yes.” If you ask people “have you experienced any trauma?” The answer is likely to be, “No.”

EMDR, (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), is an effective therapy approach used to overcome the emotionally painful effects of trauma and a wide range of other emotional conditions.

EMDR therapists listen for symptoms, issues, or problems that clients may be experiencing, and apply EMDR in way that can help the person be at peace with the past, empowered in the present, and able to make choices in the future.

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