Marriage Counseling Services

If your marriage is suffering, you are suffering and you need relief.

A Chance for Change in Carefreee, Arizona, is here to help. Troubled marriages can be fixed and hope in a relationship can be rekindled. I can help you utilize a variety of marriage-saving techniques aimed at bringing spouses closer together and healing the damage from within. When you are committed to change through counseling, I can help your marriage by:

  • Having you and your spouse fill out a complete marriage assessment to measure what is working well, what needs improvement and create a concrete area of focus for counseling sessions.
  • Teaching effective communication techniques to stop arguments from escalating into verbal abuse and in turn utilize them as productive drivers of change in your relationship.
  • Kindling the friendship that once ignited your romance and sexual desire.
  • Finding ways to treat each other with respect in order to heal wounds and grow the love that was once there.
  • Ending days of silence and avoidance; negativity and hostility by cultivating warmth.
  • Finding reconciliation and the reestablishment of trust.

In life all things change. We go from children to adults, school to careers and love to marriage. Along the road many things grow and change, including ourselves and those we love. We have the option as rational beings, capable of learning to change, to grow closer in our relationships or further apart, the journey depends on us.

While you or your spouse are deciding to enter counseling, you can still actively strive for change.


Here are some tips to follow before you begin counseling:

Find time for yourself.
It is important to outline your goals before entering counseling. Imagine the outcome you desire from marriage counseling. Think of a time when you were happy in your marriage, what was your spouse like, how did you interact with one another, how did things change? If you can find the genesis of your marriage problems you can see more clearly the ways in which things went wrong and how they can be fixed. Having a clear view of your goals will help you more effectively reach the outcome you need for a healthy marriage.

Understand that there is hope.
Whether you enter counseling alone or with your spouse, change will happen. When you begin to understand the underlying issues behind problems you will see ways in which they can be overcome. The sooner you begin counseling and working towards change the sooner you will see a healthy and loving marriage emerge.

The time to relieve your suffering is now.

Stop waiting for your spouse to make the first step. By choosing to enter marriage counseling alone or together, you are making huge strides towards a happier, more healthy marriage and family, and most importantly, a happier, more healthy you.

I look forward to creating lasting change in your marriage.



Contact A Chance for Change today for more information or to schedule your first session.

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