• Depression

    What Will it Take to Make You Happy?

    Okay, here’s the question; what do you think would make you happier, winning the lottery or having a string tied on our wrist. You know I’m over here thinking “Pick the string, pick the string” but you can’t imagine why,…

  • Depression

    DEPRESSION; The Talking Cure

    Christina was seven months pregnant when her boyfriend, and the father of her baby was murdered. She thinks now that it may have been drug related, but at the time his dealings in the drug world were completely unknown to…

  • Depression

    DEPRESSION; The Magic Pill is OK

    When she graduated from high school, Allison was a Cheerleader, as well as Valedictorian of the private girls school she attended. By the time I first came to know her, she had recently graduated from A.S.U. with a major in…

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